About AIMCA UK Qarz e Hasna Project    :::

About AIMCA UK Qarz e Hasna Project    :::

What is Qarz e Hasna Project?

It is an initiative for those hardworking and ambitious young Iqbalians who dream big but face temporary financial restraints in achieving their goals. A doctor planning to pursue career in the UK has to pass language test i.e IELTS or OET, and then PLAB test. Recently, the fees of these exams have been increased. Fee for PLAB 2 exam has actually been doubled and currently it is 875£. Besides these expenses the doctor has to pay for the PLAB 2 preparation course and the cost of travelling and accomodation in the UK.

This project provides a helping hand to young Iqbalians and shares their financial burden by providing interest free loan. This is a need based loan of upto 1000£..

Our sources are limited but our aims are very high. So far, One doctor has been issued this loan and another application is currently in process. First doctor has already passed the exams and is currently applying for GMC registration.

Our donors have always been very generous and we are very grateful for their contributions. Our commitment is to help as many Iqbalians as we can. We can only do it with the participation of all Iqbalians, especially young Iqbalians.

Who can apply?

You must:
1.Be a graduate of AIMC, Lahore.
2.Have passed IELTS/OET and PLAB 1 as a minimum (Evidence to be provided).
3.Provide the requested financial evidence of eligibility along with a cover letter explaining your current financial situation.
4.Provide 2 referees/ guarantors who are GMC registered and are working in the UK.
5.Give us your financial plan of how/when will you return the funds. Ideally within 6 months of starting a job in UK but we are flexible.
6.Try to apply 6-8 weeks in advance.
7.Provide ‘’Return of Loan’’ plan.

How can you apply for Qarz e Hasna?

If you meet the eligibility criteria then please email us at info@aimcauk.org or contact us via https://aimcauk.org/contact-us/

How much loan amount can someone apply for?

At present we are able to provide loan of upto 1000£ but we aim to increase this amount in future as per availability of funds.

How is the loan paid back?

We expect you to pay back the loan to AIMCAUK within 6 months of starting your first job in the UK. We are flexible with this depending upon your situation. You can return this as a one off payment or can break it into installments over few months. You will have to provide us the ‘’Return of Loan’’ plan in the light of above. While giving us the plan please also consider, if unfortunately, you do not pass the exams or get a job in the UK then how would the loan be returned.

We will make sure that the returned money is used for next deserving Iqbalian who needs it. It will serve as Sadqa e Jaria. This way AIMCAUK can continue this project for years to come.

Who makes decision on applications?

All the received applications will be reviewed by the AIMCAUK’s executive council panel on Qarz e Hasna. You will be contacted accordingly for a brief interview. Please note that the referees you nominate in your application can also be contacted.

How donors can contribute to Qarz e Hasna fund?

You can transfer funds to AIMCAUK bank account using reference ‘’QH’’ and your name. This will help us to keep track of your contribution.

Please send your contributions to below with reference ‘’QH”

For any queries/ suggestions please contact us at: info@aimcauk.org.

Apply for Qarz e Hasna

    Referee/Guarantor 1:

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