AIMCAUK Scholarship Update 2023

AIMCAUK Scholarship Update 2023    :::

  August 29, 2023

Just to update you that a new batch of first year joined AIMC in February/March, the Application process was commenced for the AIMCAUK scholarship, students were interviewed and 21 deserving students were recommended by the AIMC scholarship committee for AIMCAUK scholarships.

Recently funds were released and deposited in the AIMC principal's account, @ Habib Bank AIMC branch, Lahore.

Since the launch of the scholarship project in 2015, so far AIMCAUK Scholarship recipients who graduated is 9, and there are 5 final year students in the present 21 scholarship recipients, So next year there will be 14 total scholarship recipients who would have benefitted from AIMCAUK scholarship.

As the students being financed by AIMCAUK, approach the end of their 5-year MBBS course, we receive these beautiful heart-warming messages. We love to share them with our friends and well-wishers who have supported us all along for this noble cause.

"AIMCAUK scholarship helped me a lot throughout my studies. I belong to a white-collar family with a limited monthly income. My father had died. Whenever we had to pay college and hostel fees we faced a lot of difficulties, but in 3rd year of MBBS, I received the AIMCAUK scholarship 1st time then Alhamdulillah managed my hostel and college fees without any burden on my family and it went smoothly up to a final year. Thanks to the AIMCAUK family."

"Respected Donors, I am deeply grateful for your generous support that has made it possible for me to pursue my education. Your investment in my future means more than words can express, and I am committed to making the most of this opportunity. Your kindness inspires me to work harder and achieve my goals. Thanks for making a significant impact on my life. With sincere gratitude"

"I'm a Final year MBBS student in AIMC and I have been receiving fully funded scholarships from the AIMCAUK organisation. The AIMCAUK scholarship significantly contributed to the successful completion of my education. The financial assistance provided through this scholarship eased the burden of tuition fees, educational expenses and mess expenditures allowing me to dedicate my full attention to my studies. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities this scholarship afforded me, which ultimately led to the accomplishment of my educational goals."

Best wishes for a great future ahead for those who have qualified this year as proud doctors. It was indeed a pleasure to support them through a difficult 5-year period of their lives. We are humbled by their messages and remain grateful to our friends for supporting the cause.

We would like to increase the number of scholarships further, which will only be possible if you and all other donors continue their support of this worthwhile project.

For one full year total expenses which include, tuition fees, hostel fees and Mess fees are £600 yearly or you can place a direct debit of £50 per month.

If you would like to donate towards the AIMCAUK Scholarship Project, please visit our website for further details.