Dr Kashif Chauhan    :::

Dr Kashif Chauhan and graduated in 1995 from Allama Iqbal Medical College. He is working as a Paediatric Surgeon in Nottingham University NHS Trust hospital. Dr Chaujan started as a house officer and did all his training in UK. He i very proud to be an Iqbalian. He always thankfully Alma matter and God, due to which he has achieved his goals.

He is always kean to help doctors of all origins to progress in there career.

Dr Chauhan’s main objective is to keep Iqbalians under one umbrella so that every one can help and support each other when ever and where ever needed in all forms of life. Now is the time to give something back to our Alma matter and he is very enthusiastic to do so.

He is always available to help and support Iqbalians and work on the formula ” All for one and One for All”. He feels that We all need to promote, guide and help our Iqbalians to make them shine like Stars all over the world. May GOD help us all to achieve that.