AIMCAUK is pleased to announce its Newly Elected leadership.

Wish to congratulate on their success.

It was high time to give way to new leadership to bring new ideas and energy into the organisation. I am sure new leadership will take AIMCAUK to distant heights IA.

Chairman: Dr Usman Ameer Khan (Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon, Clinical Director Planned Care Surgery, Lead & Local Co-ordinator NELA (National Emergency Laparotomy Audit), Lead Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Macclesfield General Hospital)

General Secretary: Mohamed Modesorr Shafiq (A&E physician, pool hospital London)

Social Secretary: Dr Urooj Aizad (Masters in public health, from University of Cork, Ireland and PhD (std) University of Hull)

Finance Secretary: Dr Ali Iftikhar (Ophthalmologist, Northern care Alliance NHS trust Manchester)


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